Working with tight deadlines, Times Iron Works delivered not only an excellent project but did it with outstanding quality of service. Their commitment to the project and the customer was very clear in interactions and made it a pleasure to work with them.

Company Profile

We are located in about 10,000 square feet of covered building where we fabricate structural steel. In addition we have extensive office area and outside storage space that enables us to provide quality service and products as steel fabricators. We have Fitters, Certified Welders, painter and other shop manpower as well as Certified Welding Supervisors. Our computerized drafting office includes professional engineers and fully qualified steel detailers. The plant is certified to CSA Standard W47.1 in Division 2.1 by the Canadian Welding Bureau (working on ISO 9001).

Times Iron Works is certified to CSA Standard W47.1, Division 2 by the Canadian Welding Bureau. We are compliant with WSIB health and safety requirements and we actively work to make certain that all our employees are safe and follow all guidelines.

Our Mission

Times Iron Works prides itself in its strong team-oriented approach which allows us to meet our clients' expectations, delivering on time and on budget. This work ethic has earned us a strong reputation for reliability, workmanship and safety. We undertake all Structural Steel projects with pride and efficiency.

      Encouraging teamwork to achieve objectives
      Providing a working environment that is safe, healthy and conducive to high productivity while maintaining a high standard of workmanship.
      Maintaining a cost effective quality assurance system
      Providing a management system that ensures decisions are made at a competent level
      Reviewing and analyzing customer complaints and corrective measures as deemed necessary
      While profitability and schedule are of utmost importance, it is stressed that profitability and schedule are not to be at the expense of quality
      Provide quality workmanship and product at a reasonable price within the schedule requirements of its customers


We use an array of software and online systems to increase effectiveness in conducting business. Our Customers and Suppliers also can access this one of a kind online system to assist you managing project tasks and staying informed.

We have skilled engineers that work with 3D modeling system, material optimazation system and custom software to improve the time it takes to design projects and eliminate errors .

      Drawing Management System
      Request For Information System
       Procurement System
      Quality Control System
      Shipment Management System
      FTP Site
      Xsteel 3D Modeling Software
      Fabtrol Material Requirement Planning Software

Union Affiliation

      Drawing Management System